Hong Kong

Basic Premises

  • Winds are rotated after each hand except on east win and draw.
  • Flower and season tiles (one of each) are used and can give fan.
  • Points are never calculated; only fan matter.

Going Mahjong
A hand (including patterns) must be worth a specific number of fan to be eligible for declaring Mahjong. The number of fan needed is specified in the name of the table. See Special Hands below for fan values of different patterns. Only one player can go Mahjong (the first in turn to claim the tile in case of discard).

Special Hands
The following list of special hands is used:

Chicken Hand0Hand with no value.
Dragon Pung1Hand includes a pung (or kong) of dragons.
Seat/Prevalent Wind1Hand includes a pung (or kong) of the player’s seat or round wind.
All Chows1Hand consists only of sequences and a pair.
Self-drawn Win1Drawing the winning tile for mahjong.
Last Tile Draw/Discard1Winning on the very last tile or the following discard.
Out on Replacement Tile1Winning after drawing a replacement tile.
Robbing the Kong1Winning on off a tile used to extend a kong.
All Pungs2Hand consists only pungs, kongs and one pair.
Half Flush2Hand consists only of honors and suit tiles of one suit.
Little Three Dragons4Hand has two dragon pungs and a pair of the third dragon.
Full Flush4Hand consists only of suit tiles of one suit.
Four Concealed PungsLimitHand has four concealed pungs and a pair and self-drawn win.
Big Three DragonsLimitHand has three dragon pungs.
Little Four WindsLimitHand has three pungs and a pair of winds.
Big Four WindsLimitHand has four pungs of winds.
All HonorsLimitHand consists only of honor tiles.
All TerminalsLimitHand consists only of terminals.
Nine GatesLimitConcealed hand of 1112345678999 in one suit and winning on any tile of the same suit.
Thirteen OrphansLimitHand made of single tiles of 12 honors and terminals, plus a pair of the 13th. Hand must be concealed.
Blessing of HeavenLimitEast wins with initial hand.
Blessing of EarthLimitNon-east player wins on East’s first discard.


Limit hands are counted as 10 fan.

Scoring in Hong Kong games is based on a fan-laak table. The fan-laak table is used to determine how many points the losers of a hand pay to the winner based on the number of fan in the winner’s hand. A player who discards a winning tile pays twice the number of points that the other players pay.

FanPointsBy discardSelf drawn


Money is then settled according to the House Rules, based on the points each player has at the end of the game and what amount of money each point is worth. This means that if a single player hits the point limit set for the table, he will win all the money on the table.